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Gears of War 4: What Ranks Are and How to Get a Higher One


Gears of War 4: What Ranks Are and How to Get a Higher One

Multiplayer Ranks – Gears of War 4

In order to improve the matchmaking experience in Gears of War 4’s core and competitive Versus multiplayer modes, The Coalition has introduced a ranking system.

These ranks are based on a visible skill rating that ensures players are matched with opponents of a similar level. You’ll only have ranks in the Core and Competitive playlists, while Social Quickplay is essentially where you can play without worrying too much about how you play.

You’ll earn your rank by playing 5 placement matches for each playlist. Once all five matches are complete, you’ll be given one of the five ranks – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx or Diamond – and one of the three tiers numbered 1-3 in each rank.

To improve your rank, all you have to do is win matches. If you’re a Bronze 2, continue to win and you’ll move into Bronze 3 and then Silver 1 after that and so on. However, if you start to consistently lose you may find yourself falling through the ranks.

Therefore, if it’s possible, it’s always a good idea to play with a group of friends who you know are at a similar skill level and that you work well with. This will provide you with the best possible chance to move on up through the ranks together.

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