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Gears of War 4: How to Upgrade Class Skills in Horde 3.0


Gears of War 4: How to Upgrade Class Skills in Horde 3.0

It’s a classy affair.

Class Skills – Gears of War 4

Class Skills can be incredibly useful for the arduous task of Horde 3.0’s 50 waves in Gears of War 4. Most class skills are unique to each class and will play into their specific role within a team. For example, the Sniper has class skills that will increase headshot damage, while the Engineer whose focus is on building defenses with the Fabricator has skills that offer discounts on cost or upgrades to said defenses.

While many of these will be helpful enough when playing through Horde 3.0’s earlier waves, if you want to reach wave 50, it’ll certainly be beneficial to upgrade these class skills. By doing so, you can increase the buff or discount they offer. To do this, go to Horde from the main menu and then head down to Class Skills.

From this screen, you should see the class skills listed for the Soldier class. To scroll through the different classes, hit the RB and LB buttons to change pages. Upgrading a class skill requires you to have duplicates of that particular cards. The number of cards you need will depend on what level you’re upgrading it to. For example, upgrading to level 2 requires you to have one duplicate, while level 3 requires two and so on.

To upgrade, press X when you’ve found the card you’d like to upgrade and then choose the very bottom option which should be something like ‘Level 2 Upgrade.’ As long as you have the required cards you’ll be able to get the improved card and utilize it in your next Horde session.

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