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Gears of War 4: How to Defeat ‘That’ (The Hive Boss)


Gears of War 4: How to Defeat ‘That’ (The Hive Boss)

Damn, that’s ugly.

‘That’ – Gears of War 4

As you approach the end of Gears of War 4, you’ll be faced with the biggest and freakiest looking enemy of your adventure so far. Affectionately called ‘That’ by the game, the Hive boss is quite distinct, with its four tentacles sprouting from its shoulders. Here’s how to take ‘That’ down and reach the end of your Gears of War 4 adventure.

Use the Buzzkill that comes equipped as part of your giant robot buddy and aim for the Hive boss’ tentacles. It doesn’t matter what order you take them down in, but it’s best to just focus on one at a time. Once the tentacle is weak, you’ll need to run up close to it and then press Y to ‘execute’ it. This will cause the Hive boss to rip its tentacle off. To stop another tentacle from sprouting, you’ll need to use your air support to blast the socket that the tentacle emerged from. Simply hold LB and aim at the socket until the reticle turns red. Let go of the bumper and watch the monster recoil in pain. You’ll have to do this for each of the tentacles, so simply keeping shooting its projectiles out of the air and rinse repeat the above process.

Once the tentacles are taken care of, the Hive boss will manage to level the playing field a little and take down the helicopter. Luckily for you, the rotor blades still work. This next sequence requires you to simply make your way toward the Hive boss, using LT and RT to spin the blades as a shield when it tries to throw projectiles your way. When you’ve got close enough, the Hive boss will try to stab you with one of its arms. Avoid this attack and then press Y when prompted to do so to use the helicopter rotor to cut through its arm. Repeat this for the other arm and then finally deal critical damage to its head with the same method to put it down for good.

That’s all there is to defeating Gears of War 4’s final boss. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our Gears of War 4 Wiki.

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