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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Unlock Super Vegeta


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Unlock Super Vegeta

Super Vegeta – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Super Vegeta is a special version of his Super Saiyan forms that was reached during the Cell Saga after rigorous training in the hyperbolic time chamber. It is not Super Saiyan 2, and is instead a much stronger version of the standard form, retaining speed while nearly tripling strength and increasing body mass. It’s preferred by many fans partially because of its power, and also how cool Vegeta looked in this form. It is also important to note that you should want this form if you have a ki attack-based build, as all blasts are strengthened when in Super Vegeta 1 or 2.

To unlock this form, you must be playing as the Saiyan race and unlock the Super Saiyan forms. After that, continue on as usual until Vegeta appears at Capsule Corporation again to challenge you to a new sparring match. This time, he will fight you and teach you the Super Vegeta forms so that you can equip them and utilize their power in the story, Parallel Quests, multiplayer, or wherever else you may want.

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