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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Get Super Saiyan 3 Transformation


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Get Super Saiyan 3 Transformation

Super Saiyan 3 – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

With the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, fans are diving in to make their mark on the timeline as they fight alongside their favorite heroes and villains. To up the ante over the previous game in the series, the developers have included more transformations to really let you fine-tune your created character. One such transformation is the highly coveted Super Saiyan 3.

To unlock this transformation, you must first create a Saiyan. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 switches things up a bit by requiring you to be the race in question to unlock a specific transformation, rather than giving useless items to others. Once you’ve created a Saiyan, play the first part of the story so the Supreme Kai of Time can tell you about the Time Miniatures floating around the city. The one to the lower right of Conton City’s map will take you to Capsule Corporation.

Accessing this area will allow you to receive random sparring challenges from Vegeta as you play. When returning to Conton City after a quest, you will sometimes see the notification, “An event is happening at Capsule Corporation” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Head there and fight Vegeta. During your second battle with him, he will make a remark about how you’re unable to fulfill your potential. Completing this fight will prompt you to speak with Bulma and Kid Trunks (both located in the area). After doing so, your next Sparring match with the Saiyan Prince will lead him to teach you all of the Super Saiyan transformations, including Super Saiyan 3.

Do note that to become Super Saiyan 3, you’ll want to go for the transformation when your Ki is full.

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