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Civilization VI: How to Win By a Science Victory and Launch a Spaceship


Civilization VI: How to Win By a Science Victory and Launch a Spaceship

Civilization VI brings back the science victory, but switches it up to make it a bit more difficult to achieve. It’s recommended that you shut off other victory conditions in the game setting if you want to focus on winning in this way. It’s a very long track to go down.

First thing’s first, your objective for this victory is to colonize on Mars. This will be, as expected, a victory that requires a ton of research, so it’s definitely going to take you zeroing in on making your civilization as smart as possible. Here are the things you should focus on developing as you build up your cities, in order to go through the tech tree as fast as possible.

  • Campus District
    • Library
    • Madrasa
    • Research Lab
    • University
  • Holy Site District
    • Wat
  • Building Wonders
    • Great Library
    • Oxford University
  • Great Scientists
  • Working Certain Resources
    • Mercury
    • Aluminum
    • Tea
    • Iron
  • Policy Cards
    • Rationalism
    • Trade Confederation
    • International Space Agency
    • Raj
    • Inspiration
    • Nobel Prize

Once you have the scientific power, you’ll put it to use and move through the tech tree. You’ll need to research the following in your quest to complete this three part victory: Rocketry, Satellites, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Nuclear Fission. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Research Rocketry, then make your way to researching Satellites.
  2. Build a Spaceport during this time and once you have, start the project to Launch a Satellite in the city with the Spaceport.
  3. Once your Launch and Satellites are complete, start the Moon Landing project in the city with the Spaceport.
  4. During this time, make your way through researching Nanotechnology, Robotics, and Nuclear Fission.
  5. This may take a bit, so during this time, build spaceports in at least two other cities for the next step.
  6. Once you have all of the technology, you can build the necessary parts of your spaceship: Reactor, Habitation, and Hydroponics Module. Each can be built on the three cities with spaceports that you prepared in the previous step.
  7. Once they’re all launched into space, congratulations, you won the space race.

For more Civilization VI help, be sure to check out our wiki for tips and guides!

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