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Civilization VI: How to Buy New Tiles


Civilization VI: How to Buy New Tiles

Gotta expand that territory.

Buying New Tiles – Civilization VI

In Civilization VI, you have to expand your territory if you want to grow. To do this, you need to acquire more tiles so that you have more resources to farm from the land, and more space to build your Wonders, Districts, and other facilities. First off, before you can purchase a new tile, you need to have enough gold for it.

To check the price of a tile, click on the city whose territory you want to expand, and click on the Buy Tile option in the action menu bar located in the lower right corner of the screen. This will bring up the prices of the surrounding tiles, and also give you an idea of what kinds of resources you can grab from a particular tile. This should help you out a little when trying to plan your Builder activities.

Once you’ve decided on the tile that you want to purchase, simply click on the tile that you want and you’ll be able to exchange the necessary amount of gold for that particular tile. Do note that purchasable tiles are limited to the ones directly connected to your city borders. Once you purchase a tile, your city borders will expand.

For more help with Civilization VI, be sure to check back to Twinfinite’s wiki for guides and tips!

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