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This Year’s Top 10 Oscar Bait Game Trailers


This Year’s Top 10 Oscar Bait Game Trailers

And the Oscar goes to…

Watch Dogs 2

It’s a common complaint of recent Ubisoft games that they look like self serious slogs. Once the announcement trailer hit, it was something that was hanging over every game trailer for Watch Dogs 2. At least, until the story trailer released last week which looked, dare we say it…fun?

Yes, it looks like someone binge watched Mr. Robot and Fast and Furious over the course of a weekend. Yes, the villain’s name Doussan Nemec feels like it’s trying way too hard to make an easy “douchebag” joke. At the same time, it looks like one of those movies that you know is really stupid, but ends up being super fun and nominated anyway.

Oscar Bait Level: Nominated for Drama When It’s Not One, Surprising Amount of Support Behind Its Win

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