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Super Mario Run Will Be Available for Android Users Too


Super Mario Run Will Be Available for Android Users Too

Mario running over to Android

Apple held their conference today and announced a Mario game for the Apple iOS store called Super Mario Run. Fans of the series were overjoyed to finally have their favorite video game plumber on their iPhone. Android users were understandably upset at the announcement and wanted the ability to play the app as well. Android users have no need to fret as Super Mario Run will be available for Android as well.

Nintendo has told Kotaku that that they intend to release the game for Android as well. Although, it seems that Apple users will be receiving the game first as Super Mario Run is slated to be released sometime in December 2016 and there is no word on when the game will be coming to Android devices.

Still, it is nice for Android users out there to know that Nintendo does not intend to leave you out in the cold.

You can view more news from Apple’s conference here and here.

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