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Days Gone Studio Director Says PS4 Pro is a “Game Changer” and “Jaw-Dropping Experience”

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Days Gone Studio Director Says PS4 Pro is a “Game Changer” and “Jaw-Dropping Experience”

How HDR is changing the game for Days Gone.

Chris Reese of Bend Studio, the makers of Days Gone, had plenty to say about the newly unveiled PlayStation 4 Plus at today’s Sony event. The studio director sat down after the main showing to discuss development for HDR, and what effects its had on the Days Gone team.

Visual clarity and realism is the name of the game for Bend when it comes to the Pro console. Reese shared that with the new technology, the studio is able to achieve environmental and character details like never before. He said the moment the advancements really clicked was when the team watched the game running in HDR for themselves. “It was a gamechanger,” Reese said. “It was a jaw-dropping experience.”

“It’s an open world environment, so we have a lot of scenes where you’re going into dark interiors to bright exteriors. So trying to manage that exposure and lighting on an SDR TV – regular TV – is pretty tough. We do a lot of work to make that feel right, but then when we put HDR in, all of that just becomes natural. It’s like you’re looking out the window of your office.”

The PlayStation 4 Pro has also been fun for the artists and designers, Reese added, giving their character designs much more detail, down to the stitching detail in the clothing.

Days Gone, an open-world action-survival game set two years after a global pandemic, follows former bounty hunter Deacon St. John. The game will release exclusively on the PlayStation 4, sometime in the future.

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