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Pokemon GO: How to Set a Pokemon Buddy


Pokemon GO: How to Set a Pokemon Buddy

Pokemon GO’s buddy system has been slowly rolling out to users through its 1.7.0 update. This feature will let trainers choose on of their Pokemon as a buddy, allowing it to walk alongside them as they travel. After a certain walking distance, the Pokemon will earn its respective Candy.

So how do you pick a buddy? First, you’re going to need to update your Pokemon GO app. This update is now live in the US, but may not yet be available in your region.

Once you’ve downloaded, open the app and head to your character menu by pressing your avatar in the lower left corner of your screen. Once there, click on the menu button in the lower right, and then click on the new Buddy option. You’ll be taken to your list of Pokemon, where you’ll be able to select one to become your buddy. You’ll see them appear next to you on your character screen, and clicking on them will show you how much farther you have to walk to receive a candy. Be warned, changing your Pokemon Buddy will result in the loss of your distance progress.

Also keep in mind the Pikachu easter egg, which will place Pikachu on your shoulders after you’ve walked 10km together. If you need a km to miles conversion chart, check here!

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