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Destiny Rise of Iron: What Time Wrath of the Machine Raid Goes Live


Destiny Rise of Iron: What Time Wrath of the Machine Raid Goes Live

Time to get your raid on.

What Time the Raid Goes Live – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Raids are something that the Destiny community can’t get enough of. Each one is a test of endurance, cooperation, communication, and skill. With Rise of Iron bringing a new one to the table (titled Wrath of the Machine), you’re probably wanting to know exactly when you’ll be able to jump in and try it out with your Fireteam.

Rise of Iron’s raid won’t be releasing at the normal Destiny server refresh time. Instead, Wrath of the Machine will be releasing a little later on in the day.

Here are the different times that Wrath of the Machine will go live around the world.

  • Eastern Time: 1pm (EDT)
  • Pacific Time: 10am (PDT)
  • UK: 6pm (BST)
  • Europe: 7pm (CEST)

Of course, with such a big event going live, there’s always the chance that the servers could get hit pretty hard with traffic. If that is the case, be patient and give Bungie a little time to try and get things in order.

We’ll also be on deck to give you any updates with regards to server issues and the content of the raid itself, so be sure to check back in with us once Wrath of the Machine goes live.

For more Destiny: Rise of Iron help, check out our wiki for guides and tips!

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