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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get the Iron Gjallarhorn


Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get the Iron Gjallarhorn

It’s back in black.

Iron Gjallarhorn – Destiny: Rise of Iron

The Iron Gjallarhorn – a revamped version of the iconic rocket launcher from vanilla Destiny – is back in Rise of Iron. Once you’ve unlocked the expansion and the new hub Felwinter Peak, make your way to the Postmaster and claim the Iron Gjallarhorn item. However, you’ll soon notice that you can’t use the weapon just yet. This is because you need to obtain the regular Year 3 Gjallarhorn from the Rise of Iron story missions first.

Once you’ve completed the necessary story quests and have obtained the rocket launcher, you’ll then be able to infuse it with the Iron Gjallarhorn item you got from the Postmaster previously. This will turn your rocket launcher into the cool, black version that you’ve been seeing in Bungie’s promotional trailers for the expansion.

And that’s it. Do note that you have to pre-order the expansion in order for the infusion item to show up at the Postmaster’s location. If you didn’t do so, you’ll still have access to the regular Year 3 Gjallarhorn, but without the cosmetic changes.

How much progress have you made in the expansion so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below. And have fun with your new rocket launcher, Guardian!

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