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Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Silver Dust and What it Does


Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Silver Dust and What it Does

All that silver.

Silver Dust – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Silver Dust is a brand new currency in Destiny: Rise of Iron that is used to make everything much prettier. You’ll need Silver Dust in order to purchase Chroma from Eva Levante, Iron Engrams from Saladin, certain Ornaments from Eververse, and to apply Ornaments to your gear. Right now there are only two ways to obtain this new currency that you will need to gather quite a bit of.

The first is through Radiant Treasures which contain multiple items and usually grant at least one Silver Dust. Radiant Treasures can be obtained through the SIVA Strike Playlist or by purchasing them for 200 Silver a pop.

The other way is by Sharding Weapon Ornaments which you can also get from Radiant Treasures, or you can purchase them from Xur. Chances are that you’ll only want to shard the ones you obtain from the Treasures since you need to pay for the ones Xur carries with Dust.

Right now, these are the only ways to obtain Silver Dust, so make sure to complete at least one strike a week for a Radiant Treasure. You should be able to save up a few a week if you’re not trying to pay any cash.

Safe travels, Guardians, as you explore Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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