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Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Radiant Treasure and What It Does


Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Radiant Treasure and What It Does

Sparkly treasure!

Radiant Treasure – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Radiant Treasure is obtainable in two ways in Destiny: Rise of Iron. The first is through Eververse where you can purchase them with your real-world cash. The second is through the SIVA Crisis Strike Playlist. That Playlist will grant you one a week for completing a single strike, which is a good way to start building up your Silver Dust stores.

Radiant Treasure is actually how you’ll be able to get all of those fancy Ornaments for your weapons. On top of that, you’ll be able to obtain Days of Iron Ornaments and Silver Dust. Days of Iron Ornaments are needed to obtain the cool looks for your Days of Iron armor (the fancy gear with all of the flames). Silver Dust is a new currency that is used for applying Ornaments and purchasing certain items from the Eververse Trading Co. Xur will also be selling some items for Silver Dust as well

Radiant Treasures cost 200 Silver. Since the lowest bundle you can buy is 500 for $5, you can get five treasures for $10. Otherwise, you can just do the slow grind and keep on beating strikes. Eventually you’ll be able to have all of the Ornaments your heart desires as well as enough Silver Dust to fund your new fashion forward approach to taking out the Darkness.

Safe travels, Guardians. For more Destiny: Rise of Iron help, check out our wiki for guides and tips!

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