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Destiny Rise of Iron: All Khvostov 7G-0X Parts Locations


Destiny Rise of Iron: All Khvostov 7G-0X Parts Locations

The OG Auto-rifle returns.

Once you’ve started the quest to obtain the Exotic Khvostov Auto-rifle in Destiny: Rise of Iron, you’ll need to hunt down the manual pages and weapon parts needed to build it. First off, getting the manual pages isn’t difficult at all. There are 10 pages in total, and all you have to do is kill enemies and they’ll drop the pages randomly. Just do some Strikes, check out the Archon’s Forge, or complete some patrol missions – these will come to you sooner or later. Once you’ve gotten all 10 pages, you’ll then unlock the next quest step to find all three weapon parts.

First weapon part – This one is located in the Refinery on Earth. From the Plaguelands patrol area, head into the dark house on your right, and follow that path until you reach the Rocketyard. Head to the Refinery (the location in the Devil’s Lair Strike where you had to defend Ghost as the Fallen and their Shanks swamped you), and go down the path, as if you were progressing in the Strike. Head up the stairs, and you’ll come to a room with more Fallen. The weapon part will be sitting in the right corner of the room.

Second weapon part – This one is located in the area where you fought the Fallen Walker in the Devil’s Lair Strike. Once you enter the Blast (just past the Refinery), go to the small center building structure facing the area where the Walker normally appears, and look on the left side of the building to find your second weapon part.

Third weapon part – From the Rocketyard, instead of heading rightwards to the Refinery and the Blast, turn left instead to go back towards the Divide. You’re looking for the room where you first found your crashed ship back in vanilla Destiny. Once in the room, look for some stairs in the back. The weapon part will be lying on top of the crate sitting below the stairs.

Do note that you have to access all three areas via the Plaguelands. You can’t simply drop into the Cosmodrome patrol area to find these weapon parts. Once you’ve obtained all three, talk to Shiro, and he’ll give you a new quest to defeat a Fallen major before you get access to your new Exotic Khvostov.

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