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Destiny: Rise of Iron – All Exotic Quests Found So Far


Destiny: Rise of Iron – All Exotic Quests Found So Far

Have you caught them all?



The Gjallarhorn makes a triumphant return in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and it’s probably the most sought after Exotic weapon in the game right now. Getting this iconic rocket launcher will take quite a bit of work and skill. First off, you have to complete a very specific patrol mission in Archon’s Keep, and investigate the anomaly at Site 6. This will allow you to scan the environment next to a Perfected Walker that you have to take down. This will initiate the Beauty in Destruction quest line, where you get to hunt down the remaining parts of the Gjallarhorn.

You’ll then have to collect a number of Iron Medallions, and head to Bannerfall on a mission to look for missing blueprints. Along the way, you’ll have to defuse two bombs while fighting off the Fallen. It sounds easy, but it’s insanely tough to manage if you’re flying solo. After that, you’ll have to collect five Dormant SIVA Clusters before finally unlocking the last part of the quest. This time, you have to fight off even more waves of enemies while waiting for your Gjallarhorn to be assembled. Once that’s done, take your Gjallarhorn and go crazy with all the Fallen and Perfected Walkers waiting for you outside.

You can check out our guide on how to get it here.

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