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Destiny: How to Get the Owl Sector Infection Buffs


Destiny: How to Get the Owl Sector Infection Buffs

Hooty hoo.

There are some strange things going on at the moment in the world of Destiny. A number of players have reported that they’ve been infected with something that leads to their character receiving one of a number of buffs. Brilliance 3.2, Glory 2.1, Splendor 2.6, Magnificence 2.0, and Fortitude 3.1 are the names of the infections, each bringing with them bonus XP gains to their character.

While the community is going crazy as to what the Owl Sector subpage on Bungie’s site and the infections are all hinting at, there has been no breakthroughs as of yet. However, if you do want to get involved in the fun and try and contract one of the infections, there are a number of ways that players have reported getting them.

Each of the different methods reported so far all, surprise surprise, relate around you interacting in one way or another with an infected player. These are:

  • Picking up an infected player’s ultimate orbs.
  • Getting melee killed by an infected player.
  • Killing a player infected with one of the viruses.

Some players are finding that their character is just randomly infected when they log into the Destiny servers. Perhaps these were the original carriers of the infections randomly selected by Bungie themselves.

Whatever it all means, it’s probably worthwhile trying to get infected so you can benefit from the XP boost while it’s still live. If you’ve found any other methods of how to get one of the infections, sound off in the comments below.

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