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5 Ways Sony Won This Generation


5 Ways Sony Won This Generation

Sony started off on the right foot with the PS4.

As we approach the mid-generation point that is being kicked off by Sony’s PS4 Pro, many have started looking to the next generation already. It’s clear to see that the strong advances in technology are allowing for companies to push into new areas and create some truly impressive hardware for video game lovers to enjoy. But, as this generation slowly approaches its end, who has actually won?


A case can be made for either Sony and their PS4 or Microsoft with the Xbox One, as both have done the unimaginable. In a time where everyone was claiming that console gaming was dead, these two behemoths set records, surpassed milestones, and continue to garner the attention of fans around the world. It’s difficult to say just who actually won, but we came up with five strong arguments that definitely put Sony, along with their latest console, on top.

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