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The Signs are Pointing to a Diablo 4 Reveal at BlizzCon


The Signs are Pointing to a Diablo 4 Reveal at BlizzCon

Direct sequel or a HD remake?

There have been rumors aplenty over what Blizzard will present at this year’s BlizzCon, the annual event used to promote and showcase their latest series’ entries. In terms of Diablo, their hack and slash RPG adventure series, there has been a wealth of speculation as of late regarding where the popular franchise will be heading next.

The prospect of Diablo 4 being announced is a very real one going off of both old and recent evidence. Back in July, Blizzard posted on their careers page that they were hiring a new game director to “lead the Diablo series into the future” with a knowledge of the franchise and experience in shipping AAA games being a factor. Being one of Blizzard’s most profitable and popular series, these would be key components for someone to take Diablo to the next step. This would seemed to have alleviated fears that have emerged since director Joseph Mosqueira had left the company, leading to concerns that there may never be another installment to the franchise.

This is where the plot thickens. Last week, Diablo fans ears pricked up following hints being made by Blizzard in the form of a die. Yep, that’s right. A small, seemingly unusable die contained in a BlizzCon goodie bag gives away a massive hint that a sequel may well be on the cards. A lot of the information within this theory may seem farfetched, and often there is a simple explanation as to why this might not be the case, but just stick with it for a moment.

Firstly, the D&D dice are often abbreviated according to how many sides it may have. A 20-sided die is referred to as D20, 12 sides is a D12 and so on. This particular die that is causing a stir only has 4 sides, therefore referred to as a D4, and in this instance, this could mean Diablo 4. That may seem like clutching at straws, until it was discovered that the unusually small D4 was unusable due to a printing error. Every face of the die should have the same number whichever way it is rolled, yet in this instance the 3 numbers correlate as 114 or 411 depending how you read it. Still with me? Good, because this could point to 4/11 as in 4th November, the date that BlizzCon official starts, prompting hopes that we would finally get the news we’ve been waiting for this fall.

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