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Square Enix Teases New Information on the Mana Series for 25th Anniversary

Adventures of Mana

Square Enix Teases New Information on the Mana Series for 25th Anniversary

What could it be?

Final Fantasy may be the headlining series for Square Enix, but the company has quite a few other role-playing series under their belts as well, including Mana. Square Enix has updated the official Twitter account for the Mana series, which was previously only used to promote the launch of Adventures of Mana earlier this year.

A new profile image for the account has been uploaded celebrating the series’ 25th anniversary, and a tweet also went out saying that more information would be coming soon. Here’s the full tweet, translated by Gematsu.


“Starting today, we will renew the official Adventures of Mana account as the official Mana account. We will announce information on the Mana series, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so please stick with us. The icon has been changed to the 25th anniversary logo. And we also plan to change the header image in the coming days.”

The Mana series, or Seiken Densetsu as it’s known in Japan, started as a side story to Square’s Final Fantasy series. The first game of the series released in 1991 and was titled Final Fantasy Adventure. In February this year, we saw a full 3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure on Android and iOS, this time titled as Adventures of Mana.

It’s hard to say what exactly Square Enix could be teasing on the series’ Twitter, but we’ll find out soon enough. Do you hope the Mana series comes back with either a new game or another remake? Let us know down in the comments.


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