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Overwatch Has a Surprise for You if You Try Typing “GG EZ” into Chat


Overwatch Has a Surprise for You if You Try Typing “GG EZ” into Chat

Blizzard sneaks a new taunt filter in their latest update.

Blizzard is busy with the Overwatch updates today, rolling out some Season 2 updates, nerfing Genji, and sneakily switching out your GG EZ chat taunts.

In a new change that hit the Public Test Region today, players typing “gg ez” (short for “good game, easy”) into game chat will find their text replaced with something far less menacing, like, “I feel very, very small… please hold me…” or “I could really use a hug right now.”

Other possible replacements we found include terrifying jeers such as, “Mommy says people my age shouldn’t suck their thumbs,” “Gee whiz! That was fun. Good playing!” and “C’mon, Mom! One more game before you tuck me in. Oops mistell.”

overwatch ggez

While this change isn’t mentioned in the Season 2 patch notes, plenty of other ones are. Genji’s getting nerfs across most of his abilities; Swift Strike will no longer interrupt quick melee attacks, Dragonblade’s duration is moving from eight to six seconds, double jump won’t reset when wall climbing, and Dash won’t let him bypass Junkrat’s Steel Trap or do damage to traps.

Hanzo is getting some buffs in the speed department, Mei will be able to throw Blizzard through barriers, and a number of other heroes are getting balances as well. You can check out the full patch notes here. After that, you should probably watch what may be the most dramatic Roadhog play of all time.

You can test out the new updates, as well as the GG filter, by installing the PTR from the Overwatch tab of desktop app.

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