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No Man’s Sky: How to Tell If You’re Around Other Players


No Man’s Sky: How to Tell If You’re Around Other Players

No Man’s Sky’s universe is vast and mysterious, full of galaxies, star systems, and scary planets. It can get a bit lonely out there, so you may find yourself wanting some company that isn’t just another NPC. While encountering other players is meant to be a rare occurrence, there is a way to tell if someone has been nearby.

In order to do this, you have to be in your ship while in outer space, and you must have the Galactic Map open (press down on the d-pad when in space to open it). From there, you’re going to press up on the d-pad to scan for any nearby discoveries. This will highlight all nearby star systems that another human player has discovered in hopes of increasing your chances of collision (crossing paths).

Keep in mind this method will only alert you to a player’s presence if they uploaded their discovery, but doesn’t tell you exactly where they are or in what direction they headed from there. Still, it’s better than being completely in the dark. Maybe you can try to predict their course towards the center of No Man’s Sky’s universe and meet up with them that way. It’s worth a shot.

In order to start recharting your adventure, though, you may need some help. If so, feel free to check out our Ultimate No Man’s Sky Guide.

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