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No Man’s Sky: How to Name a Planet


No Man’s Sky: How to Name a Planet

How to Name Planets – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is all about exploration and discovery. There will be times when you come across things that nobody else has seen and have the ability to claim the discovery for yourself. This includes planets, which you can name.

Naming a planet is easy. Once you land, pause the game (done with the Options button on PS4) and head to the Discoveries tab. From here you can highlight a planet or even a system you’ve discovered. When highlighted a short menu will pop up. This menu gives you the options to view information about the planet, upload your discovery, or to name and upload. Hitting triangle/”Y” will allow you to name before uploading. Simply put in whatever name you’ve come up with and you’re good to go.

Now, whenever another player stumbles across one of your discoveries, they’ll see the name you gave it and you will become a part of that player’s No Man’s Sky journey. Pretty cool, huh?

Do keep in mind that there will most likely be a system to report and remove questionable names. By questionable we mean profanity, vulgar references, or other things of that nature. So try to keep it clean and remember that you’re sharing the expansive No Man’s Sky universe with a ton of other players. Now go out there and get to discovering!

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