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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Gold and What it Does


No Man’s Sky: How to Get Gold and What it Does


Gold is a somewhat rare element you will be able to find on certain planets in the No Man’s Sky universe. You should be aware that because this element has a pretty impressive value on the open market, it isn’t going to be available on every planet you land on. When you first begin your search for gold you should activate your scanner and look for neutral icons on your HUD. The specific icon for this element is a treasure chest. On a planet’s surface, you will most often find a deposit of gold in gold colored rock formations or in green crystals.

Off planet, you can obtain gold by blasting certain golden asteroids. Once you have your stash of gold, the element can be used in certain blueprints though there aren’t a ton of upgrades that can be had using the element. If you are looking to make yourself rich, gold has a significant value on the open market in its base price alone. The element is valued at 229 credits per unit. This means if you can find a literal mountain of gold (and they’re out there) you can build your wealth quickly.

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