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No Man’s Sky: What All Scanner Resource Icons Mean


No Man’s Sky: What All Scanner Resource Icons Mean


No Man’s Sky is a vast world with many things to see and do. You’re going to need a bit of help pinpointing everything before you, and that’s where your scanner comes in. Using it will alert you of points of interest in your surrounding area. It’ll let you know when you’re close to a variety of different things using icons. Until you’ve played the game enough times, though, you might find yourself wondering what these mean exactly. Well, we’re here to help you out and lead you right where you need to go. Here are what the scanner icons mean:

  • Health Red with White Cross
  • Shield – Blue with White Shield
  • Protection Against Weather – Green with White Shield
  • Isotopes – Red with White Lightning Bolt
  • Oxides Yellow with White Bar
  • Silicates – Blue with White Measuring Jar
  • Alien Artifacts – Purple with an odd Symbol
  • Booty – Gray with Treasure Chest
  • Blueprints Blue with White Gears
  • Undiscovered Locations Green with a White Question Mark
  • Your Ship – White Ship
  • Factory/Manufacturing Plant – Red with White Factory
  • Trade Depots/Space Stations – Gold
  • Your Grave No Man’s Sky’s signature symbol

There you have it! Next time you use your scanner, you’ll know exactly which symbol you want to go to. If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our wiki full of guides and tips!

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