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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Copper and What it Does


No Man’s Sky: How to Get Copper and What it Does

Copper – No Man’s Sky

Copper is a neutral element that you’ll find a lot of use for with certain blueprints during your No Man’s Sky adventuring. Through different planets, you might come across what appear to be floating eggs. These are fully rich with copper and will give you the biggest supply of it. Unfortunately, this element can also be quite “uncommon” and might leave you searching a bit more. Just keep your eyes peeled for any neutral icons on your HUD. Additionally, you can find them in asteroids or buy them from traders.

Copper is used for blueprints and as a trade commodity. Make sure to hit up those star systems where this neutral element is marked up in its sell value, which is originally at 110 units, each. This might be a good source of profit for you to make yourself rich with units, provided you don’t care about blueprints whatsoever, that is.

“Highly conductive and versatile metallic element. A frequent sight in the cargo manifests of traders and many primary galactic species. Can be combined with other elements to create valuable alloys if recipe is available.”

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