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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Atlas Stones and What They Do


No Man’s Sky: How to Get Atlas Stones and What They Do

Atlas Stones – No Man’s Sky

Atlas Stones in No Man’s Sky are extremely useful. For starters they can be sold for over 60,000 Units. That’s the price for just one of these precious items, so it’s no surprise that players will want to get their hands on this extremely rare commodity whenever possible. Also, if you’re a bit more exploratory, they serve an even higher purpose down the line. It’s not exactly difficult to obtain one, but it does require a lot of travelling.

Atlas Stones are given to players by Atlas, the all-seeing red orb nobody knows yet is happily following orders from. Getting to Atlas requires following the Atlas path on your Galactic Map (it’s the blue one, while the path to the center is orange). While playing, you’ll get an objective in the bottom of your screen requesting you visit or do something for Atlas. If you follow those tasks, a path to one of the Atlas stations will eventually open up. Make the necessary jumps and you’ll be able to see Atlas as well as gain some worthwhile rewards such as words, blueprints, Warp Cells, and an Atlas Stone.

You can also buy this precious item from the Galactic Market sometimes, but unless you already know of a galaxy willing to pay even more for this pricey item, it isn’t worth the cargo space (they don’t stack, so just one takes up an entire inventory slot).

Now that you’re about to be rolling in Units, you may want to know what else you can do in No Man’s Sky. For that you can check out our ultimate guide filled with everything you need to know.

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