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No Man’s Sky’s Atlas Stones are More Important Than You Think (Spoilers)


No Man’s Sky’s Atlas Stones are More Important Than You Think (Spoilers)

You mean these things do something other than make me rich?

Spoilers Ahead

No Man’s Sky has more than one goal within its impossibly large universe. While the primary goal is to make it to the center of it all, there is another path that players can take which revolves around following a mysterious entity named Atlas. That mysterious entity provides you with a very valuable item called an Atlas Stone.

Seeing as how they’re worth so much, only 68, 750 Units each, there’s no surprise that most players sell them as fast as they get them. But that’s not what you should do, at least not if you want to “beat” No Man’s Sky plot line that revolves around the mysterious cosmic being that is Atlas. It turns out that you need 10 of those precious stones to complete the Atlas quest line in earnest.

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With 10 Atlas Stones in your inventory, you’ll be able to birth an entirely new star that will serve as the center for a brand new galaxy. You can then start it all over, only this time you’ll have your knowledge and your upgrades to join you (although they still need to be repaired on that first planet).

Without the Atlas Stones you can’t actually get the full Atlas ending, which you may not want anyway, and that’s fine. It’s interesting to see how it all played out. That’s one No Man’s Sky mystery solved, many more to go.

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