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No Man’s Sky: Can You Find and Play With Friends?


No Man’s Sky: Can You Find and Play With Friends?

No Man’s Sky drops players off at the edge of a vast universe to kick of their adventure across space. While you’re opening your eyes on some alien planet for the first time, thousands upon thousands of other players are doing the very same thing in their very own corner of the universe. Seeing as how everyone will be hundreds of thousands of light years apart from one another, many prospective players are wondering how they’ll be able to play with their friends for some good ol’ space hijinks.

According to Hello Games, seeing another living person out in the world will be extraordinarily rare. While there is a chance that it may be more common near the endgame, as everyone converges on the center of the universe, you’re going to be mighty lonely as you sail through the stars. There is currently no way to check a friend’s location. Even if you could, you would need a ridiculous amount of Warp Fuel to even make it 1% of the way towards them.

Most of the multiplayer experience comes in the form of the Galactic Library, where discoveries are handled. As you explore places and see life that no other player has seen yet, you’ll get credit for those discoveries. You can then name those findings and upload them to the Galactic Library. Whenever another player (including your friends) happens to make it to a planet that you’ve been to first, they’ll see everything with the names you provided and your name on their screen as the explorer who discovered it all.

If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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