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No Man’s Sky: How to Break Down Doors


No Man’s Sky: How to Break Down Doors

Breaking Doors – No Man’s Sky

As is the case in most modern, open-world video games, No Man’s Sky offers players the ability to commit their fair share of destruction. While a lot of the time this has to do with mining resources and scavenging for materials, it also allows players to access areas otherwise locked off to them. This comes in the form of breaking down doors.

Most buildings that you’ll stumble upon in No Man’s Sky will open right up to you. Simply approach the door and you’re in. Others aren’t as kind and need a bit of brute force. These are easy to recognize as they’ll have a life bar and a prompt saying ‘destroy’ rather than the game informing you of a specific key you need. To break these down, you must damage them until they shatter.

The mining mode on your Multi-tool will not get the job done for you; you’ll need a weapon mode or grenade blasts (which you can find during your travels). If you’re using a weapon with no upgrades, it may take you 2-3 magazines to take the door down. This isn’t too much of a problem, but keep in mind that the moment you start to damage the door you’ll be hit with a level two infraction, which will call any nearby Sentinels to stop you. At this point you have two options, continue laying waste to the door or stop and fight the Sentinels.

It should be noted that if you just focus on the door (especially if it’s almost down), entering the building will stop the Sentinels from attacking. Interact with the terminal nearby and your “wanted level” (for lack of a better term) will go away. Now you’re free to do as you please.

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