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Madden 17 Ultimate Team: How to Get Good Players in MUT


Madden 17 Ultimate Team: How to Get Good Players in MUT

Learn the best ways to get the best players in MUT.

Method 1: Wheel and Deal in the Auction House

Madden 17 MUT

The best combination of speed and reliability for getting good Madden 17 Ultimate Team (MUT) players is to work the mode’s auction house. Follow our guide for how to get coins fast and easy, and then begin studying the market. Be incredibly patient when you see a player that you want. Don’t just jump for the first Buy it Now that you see, unless you know it’s really low or you just got coins like that.

Once you have a decently sized bank account, getting good players off the auction house really isn’t that hard. Eventually someone will want to unload a player for a quick buck, and you can be there to take advantage of it. You can flip players you don’t want for a higher price to help you work towards the player you really want to get that fits your team’s Chemistry scheme. Yes, some players might take you a while to save up for, but as long as you are constantly wheeling, dealing, and flipping players on the market, there is a path for you to eventually get your dream player.

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