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Attack on Titan: How to Use Items


Attack on Titan: How to Use Items

Use Items – Attack on Titan

The world of Attack on Titan can be a dangerous place for a soldier, especially a member of the Survey Corps. Whether you’re inside the walls or out in the fields, there’s no shortage of threats to your well-being and you’ll need to manage your health, gear, and rely on certain items to keep yourself alive as things get rough. Having the items necessary is just half of the solution, though; knowing how and when to use them, is equally as important.

Items are accessed on the bottom of your screen in a small rotating menu just above your Gas and Blade meters. Press left and right on your D-pad to scroll through items, and up on the D-pad to use.

There are six different items in Attack on Titan that you will unlock as you progress through the campaign (Attack Mode). Here they all are plus how/when to use them:

  • Restorative – When ready, find a place to stand and press up on the D-pad. It’s a quick use item, but you’ll still want to find a safe place to stand. Will replenish your health and Focus.
  • Gas – Used to power your ODM gear. Find a safe spot away from titans before pressing up on the D-pad. You also must be on the ground to use, so don’t waste your time while in the air.
  • Blades – Blades must be replaced regularly or else you’ll have decreased damage and won’t be able to combo. Like Gas, they must be replaced while your on the ground and out of harms way since it takes a bit longer to use than most items. The only exception to this is when using a character who has the Aerial Replacement skill, such as Levi. He can change blades while in mid-air.
  • Flash Grenade – This is used to blind Titans. To know if a Flash Grenade will work on a particular Titan, check out beneath it’s life bar at the top of your screen. If you see a symbol of an eye that means it works on sight, so you’ll be able to blind it, leaving the monstrosity open to your attacks. You can use at any point such as on the ground, in the air, in the middle of acceleration, or right before an attack.
  • Sound Grenade – Works just like the Flash Grenade yet it’s for those Titans that rely on sound. If you see a purple soundwave icon under a Titan’s health bar, then use this item to open it up for attack.
  • Firebomb – This item is used primarily for the Beast Titan, a powerful boss that you encounter very late in the game. It has coarse fur that your blades cannot cut through. Lock on with R1/RB and select which body part you want to remove the fur from. When you have a clear shot press up on the D-pad to lob the bomb and remove the armor-like fur. You’ll need to do this for each individual limb and the nape of the neck. Can be used while standing or in the air.

That’s how you use items in Attack on Titan. Now go out and take back the world for all of humankind! For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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