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Attack on Titan: How to Get Materials


Attack on Titan: How to Get Materials

Materials – Attack on Titan

Materials are a resource in Attack on Titan that are used for crafting and upgrading your gear. There are many different types of material and they can be found in different grades ranging from D-S, with D being the lowest tier and S being the best. There are a few ways that players can obtain these resources:

  • Completing Missions – You get a base reward for completing any mission that consists of a group of materials. You will always get the same rewards, in varying quantities, each time you play the same mission, so you can farm that way. To check what rewards a mission offers, highlight the mission you’re considering replaying and press Triangle/Y.
  • S-Rank – Getting an S-Rank in a mission unlocks an extra reward that is usually much better than the base rewards. No other rank grants a reward.
  • Dire Subjugation – A Dire target is a special Titan that appears after completing a specific set of requirements within a mission. Defeating this Titan will earn you extra reward at the end of the mission. Do keep in mind, though, that these Titans are often the strongest in the mission, sometimes even stronger than a boss.
  • Destroying Marked Titan Limbs – Some Titan limbs will be marked with a yellow diamond. Destroying these limbs will grant you a random material at the end of your mission.
  • Purchase Materials With Regiment Funds – In each base is a Material Acquisition Depot (marked on your map as a crumbling stone). You can purchase materials here. You must first unlock them by leveling up your Regiment. This is done through the completion of missions. The higher your Regiment’s level, the more options available in the shop.

Those are all the ways to obtain materials in Attack on Titan. Use them to grind for parts you really need. Also, keep in mind that higher tiered resources are locked behind later missions. You won’t get the good stuff by repeating the beginning levels. So progress through the story and you’ll be all set.

For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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