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You Don’t Need PS Plus for No Man’s Sky

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You Don’t Need PS Plus for No Man’s Sky

Explore space at no extra cost.

For the PS4, Sony put a paywall behind their online service, PS Plus. You now have to pay a monthly (or yearly) fee to get access to free games, discount prices, and most importantly, multiplayer access. But that won’t be the case for the upcoming No Man’s Sky.

Game Informer Australia spoke to Sony about numerous things and learned that Hello Games and Sony have decided that on the chance that you meet another player, you won’t need to be a PS Plus member to do so. That being said, a representative did say that you’d need an online connection for any discoveries you make to be added to what’s called “the universal atlas”, which basically functions as a leaderboard.

No Man’s Sky jets to the PS4 on August 9th. For more information on the game, watch these videos on its combat, space exploration, and trading.

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