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No Man’s Sky Dev Diary Has Lots of Ship Blastin’ and Robot Shootin’

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky Dev Diary Has Lots of Ship Blastin’ and Robot Shootin’

Shoot, shoot, shoot!

Last week saw No Man’s Sky getting a video that went into space exploration, and this next one goes into how combat works. While you’re gonna be traveling the galaxy and exploring the edge of the universe, it’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows. You’re gonna need to get your hands dirty, both on the ground and off it.

Space combat will probably feel old hat to you if you’ve played Star Wars Battlefront lately. You’ll be going up against ships of varying classes, from simple ones that are roughly the size of yours to giant frigates, either in the aim of helping those under attack or just for the hell of it. On the ground is a standard shooter, where you just aim and shoot at anything that looks like it’s ready to eat you up. It’s unclear if, much like the planets, the weapons will be randomly generated as well, but aside from the wildlife of the planet you touch down on, along with robotic constructs that don’t take kindly to intruders.

No Man’s Sky comes to the PS4 on Aug. 9. The third video will go into trading, and given the release schedule, it’s safe to say that video will probably hit sometime next week.

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