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Kojima Productions Reveals Logo Intro Movie Featuring Ludens


Kojima Productions Reveals Logo Intro Movie Featuring Ludens

He claimed the moon!

Every studio needs a cool logo introductory movie, so of course Kojima Productions has one too. At San Diego Comic-Con, the studio finally revealed their logo movie, and sure enough, it features Ludens, who is the space suit mascot Kojima revealed some months ago. You can check out the new logo intro down below.

The movie features Ludens on what looks like the moon, as he plunges a flag bearing the Kojima Productions logo into the ground, as if staking his claim on it. There is also a cyber whale that appears behind him, and it jumps up before disintegrating into green pixels. We can only imagine that this must be one of the many dead whales we saw in the Death Stranding trailer, which was first shown off at Sony’s press conference during June’s E3 event in Los Angeles.

Hideo Kojima has mentioned that Death Stranding will be a triple-A action game, and it features Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus as the game’s main star. The game will also be a PS4 exclusive, though no further details have been revealed just yet.

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