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We Happy Few: How to Get Out of the Bunker


We Happy Few: How to Get Out of the Bunker

We Happy Few kicks things off with a rather twisted prologue that allows you to witness the sickening transition from the high of Joy to a dark reality. After that series of unfortunate events plays out, players find themselves in a bunker surrounded by steaming pipes and some useful materials, as well as a dead body.

Your first task in fleeing the island you’ve found yourself exploring is to get out of that mysterious bunker. It can be confusing, mostly due to the darkness and the fact that you’re probably terrified, but it’s actually quite simple. Once you stand up from the bed where you wake, turn to your left. There will be a ladder in the very next room that leads to We Happy Few’s outside world.

That ladder has a hatch at the top which requires a Jimmy Bar (a sort of crow bar used for prying open certain types of locks). There is only one Jimmy Bar in the bunker and it’s in the locked cabinet directly across from your bed. To open that cabinet you’ll need a lockpick (the developers went a bit lock crazy in this room).

Next to the ladder you just examined are two lockers which contain a bunch of resources including Metal Bits. Once you’ve grabbed these, open your menu and go to the crafting tab (It’s the one with the hammer) and under Basic you’ll find the lockpick. Craft one lockpick then use it to pick the lock on the cabinet across from your bed by holding down the “Y” button on the Xbox controller. Once that’s done, open it and collect your Jimmy Bar.

Now that you’ve acquired the Jimmy Bar, head back to the ladder and hold down “X.” Enjoy watching the playable character wrench the hatch open as you’re introduced to the open world of We Happy Few.

Before you exit the bunker, though, make sure to loot all of the containers. You’ll find a few food items, as well as the components to craft some lockpicks and other useful tools that you’ll need out in the cruel world. Once you have everything you need, climb the ladder and be off.

As soon as you exit the bunker, there’s a water pump directly ahead of you. Make sure to put it to good use. Have fun and avoid the call of Joy.

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