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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Gastly


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Gastly

Being a Pokemon trainer in Pokemon GO requires a having several types of different creatures on your team. Of course, you don’t wish to specialize in one type like Gym leaders, but if you want ghost types then you might have had some trouble recently. Get those running shoes laced up and grab a ouija board as we go over our next Pokemon sighting.

Gastly was found at 273 CP in Downtown Kissimmee, Florida with the trainer at level 14 (you will find rarer Pokemon at higher levels). It was found in a park in a more urban area with water nearby, and was caught with just one Great Ball after using a one Razz Berry. The area itself is surrounded by three overlapping PokeStops with a group of people adding Lures to them all night. Gastly wasn’t too hard to capture, but was the only one to pop up that night. It came with the moves Lick, which is a ghost type, and Dark Pulse, which is a dark type move and the special attack. 

If you have any Gastly sightings you wish to share then let us know in the comments belows. For any more tips, tricks and everything in between then make sure to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide.

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