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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Dratini


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Dratini

In order to become the very best like no one ever was means you have to find the best Pokemon out there. Unfortunately, the best Pokemon tend to be the hardest to find in Pokemon GO, but no worries because we’ll be keeping you up to date on some sightings in the hope that they help you guys out. Make sure to be ready for any long battles that you might encounter by stocking up on those all-important Poke Balls.

Today’s Pokemon sighting was a Dratini at 47 CP, which was found in a suburban area in Lake Nona, Florida. It was just a couple of feet away from the local park in the area which had a Gym and a PokeStop nearby. The trainer was at level 8 (you will find rarer Pokemon at higher levels) and found it quickly after a short walk. They only used two regular Poké Balls before being able to capture this creature. After a few rocks of the Poké Ball, the creature was caught and the trainer was free to take on social media to brag about the latest addition to their Pokedex.

Update: We found another Dratini! This time in a park by a river in New Jersey.

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