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Pokemon GO: What a Defender Bonus Is


Pokemon GO: What a Defender Bonus Is

Pokemon GO has a lot of mechanics put in place to help trainers get the most out of their time. Unfortunately, these aren’t all explained very well so some players may pass them over. One such mechanic is the Defender Bonus. If you go into the shop menu of Pokemon GO, you’ll notice a white shield in a green circle with the number zero inside of it. This is where you see your Defender Bonus.

The Defender Bonus is granted to any player who has at least one Pokemon guarding a Gym in the game. If you have one, then you will earn rewards every day for each Pokemon you have guarding Gyms. You’ll receive 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardust for each one, meaning you can really boost up your team if you get enough in place.

It’s definitely worth pursuing if you have strong enough Pokemon, especially since there’s no other way to earn PokeCoins currently in Pokemon GO without forking over some of your hard-earned, real world cash.

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