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Pokemon GO Guide: How to Use Razz Berries


Pokemon GO Guide: How to Use Razz Berries

Pokemon GO’s Razz Berries are a wonderfully useful item that you can get from PokeStops once you’ve hit level 8. They actually increase your chances of catching a Pokemon when used, so they are must-have items for those of you facing off against rare or high CP Pokemon.

While many people may have collected quite a few already, some are still unsure how exactly to use the item since Razz Berries are grayed out when you’re exploring the world. They’re grayed out because they can only be used during an encounter with a wild Pokemon.

When you come across a Pokemon, holding a finger on the Poke Ball at the bottom of your screen will cause a circle to display over the creature you’re trying to catch. It will appear as either green, yellow, orange, or red, with green meaning easy to catch and red meaning difficult. If you try to catch a Pokemon with an orange or red circle, you may notice that those particular beasts escape your Poke Ball more often than others. That’s where Razz Berries come in.

To use a Razz Berry, simply open up your inventory, click on one, then click on the Pokemon you’re trying to catch. This will give your next Poke Ball a higher chance of success, meaning you may just be able to nab that Venusaur you came across in the woods.

Remember, it only affects the chance of your next attempt. So if you fail, you’ll need to use another Razz Berry to get the effect again.

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