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Pokemon GO: How to Move and Walk


Pokemon GO: How to Move and Walk

Keep on movin’

Pokemon GO tasks you with capturing Pokemon from around the real-world, filling your Pokedex, and then helping your team to keep control of the local Gyms. Here’s how to move and walk in Pokemon GO to help you find all of those Pokemon.

Exploring the world in Pokemon GO is just as simple as it is in real-life. The game uses your phone’s GPS to track your movements, and so whenever you move, your character will move in the same direction on your screen. You don’t need to press any d-pads or on-screen prompts. Simply open up the app and head outdoors. Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on your screen in case any Pokemon appear, too.

That’s all there is to moving and walking in Pokemon GO. Have you headed out into the great outdoors with Pokemon GO yet? How are you finding the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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