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Pokemon GO: How to Make or Join a Team


Pokemon GO: How to Make or Join a Team

In Pokemon GO you’ll catch and collect Pokemon, fill your Pokedex, and battle it out against other teams at the local Gym. However, you’ll need to be part of a team before you can get involved in the battling.

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO doesn’t allow you to make a team of your own. You can only join one of the three already set up- Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue), and Valor (red). While it may seem disappointing that you can’t set up your very own Team Rocket, you’re limited to the three teams to prevent there being too wide of a spread of players among too many teams. At least with just three you know you’ll always have one or two comrades at your local Gym to help challenge or defend it.

Have you joined a team in Pokemon GO yet? Let us know which one you joined in the comments below.

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