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Pokemon GO: How to Level Up a Gym For More Pokemon Slots


Pokemon GO: How to Level Up a Gym For More Pokemon Slots

Pokemon GO is an epidemic, with hordes of trainers trying to conquer Gym locations around the world. Whether you’re Valor, Mystic, or Instinct, here’s how to raise the level of a Gym so that your team can leave even more Pokemon to defend it.

First, the importance of Gym levels, which dictate how many Pokemon can be left stationed at each location. A Gym of level three can have three trainers each leave a Pokemon, a Gym of level five can have five defending Pokemon, and so on. To strengthen your Gym’s Prestige and keep it safe, you’ll want as high a level as possible, with as many defending Pokemon as possible.

For a its level to raise, a Gym’s own team has to battle against it to raise its Prestige. While enemy teams can lower your rating, the controlling team can raise it. Simply challenge your team’s Gym as you would any other (and win). Side note: you’ll only be able to take one Pokemon, rather than six, into battle. You’ll earn more Prestige if your Pokemon’s CP is only slightly higher than the defending Pokemon’s, and even more if your Pokemon has a lower CP than the defender.

Lastly, here’s a chart of how much Prestige you need for each level.


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