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Pokemon GO Guide: How to Get Razz Berries


Pokemon GO Guide: How to Get Razz Berries

Pokemon GO has a lot of different items that you can use on your quest to become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world. One such item is called a Razz Berry. Razz Berries are valuable additions to your pack because they help you catch stronger Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

To get these, you’ll need to first level up to Level 8. Once you do, you’ll get some Razz Berries for free as a reward. From that point on, you’ll be able to get Razz Berries randomly whenever you visit a PokeStop. Unfortunately, these are currently the only two ways to get any, as they aren’t sold in the shop.

Remember to only use them when you really need them, that way you always have a few in stock when the really rare Pokemon show up. Just toss one before trying your luck with a Poke Ball and you should have a much better chance at adding that Pokemon to your collection.

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