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Pokemon GO: How to Become a Gym Leader


Pokemon GO: How to Become a Gym Leader

Pokemon GO has a big emphasis on becoming part of a Gym and helping to defend it from opposing teams.

Pokemon GO allows you to become a Gym Leader, but you won’t be anything without a solid group of people below you. When you come across a gym, if it’s being controlled by your team, you can contribute Pokemon to help defend it. You’ll have to be level five in order to face other trainers and join a team. In order to become the leader of the Gym, you must contribute the Pokemon with the highest CP at that Gym. This does mean you’ll have to submit your strongest, and probably rarest Pokemon, but for that sweet crown that you’ll see denoting you as leader, it’s totally worth it.

By contributing a Pokemon to a Gym, it will not only help defend the Gym from opposing teams, but it can also battle your team’s Pokemon that are defending the location in order to raise their level and increase the overall prestige of the gym.

It’ll take a lot of time and determination to become the leader of a Gym, but I guess that’s just how it would be in the real Pokemon world. Have you become a Gym Leader yet? Share your stories in the comments below.

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