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Pokemon GO: Do Height and Weight Matter?


Pokemon GO: Do Height and Weight Matter?

By now, you’ve probably noticed that every different Pokemon you catch or hatch has a varying weight and height. While some of these sometimes fall in the normal parameters for that specific species of Pokemon, others are classified as having an XS or XL height and/ or weight. The question that a lot of players now have, however, is whether or not the height and weight of your Pokemon matter.

Players have been hard at work on trying to uncover the mystery behind the height and weight and whether or not they have a correlation with any of your Pokemon’s stats. One Redditor, GershBiglander, made a study of 26 Zubats and tried to draw some trends from the data. As you can see from the graph here, their findings showed that both the height and weight of Pokemon had no effect on the HP of Pokemon.

The game has also recently been decoded, seeing tons of users jumping into the game’s code and trying to pull out interesting information with regards to these two mysterious stats. Unfortunately, nothing appears to have been uncovered as concrete evidence from the data, suggesting that these may, in fact, not have much of an effect on anything.

However, there are still users who now believe that the lower the value a Pokemon has in its height or weight, the faster it’s attack speed in battle. While there is yet to be any concrete proof on this, it may explain why sometimes Pokemon can land attacks much faster in a battle, while some are much slower, despite you tapping the hell out of your screen with both. Regardless, the jury is still out on this one.

For now, whether height and weight have any significance to your Pokemon’s effectiveness in battle has yet to be seen.

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