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Pokemon GO Is Taking Over Pornhub, Too

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Pokemon GO Is Taking Over Pornhub, Too

Pokemon GO has players excited in more ways than one it seems.

It turns out that Nintendo wasn’t the only company to receive a boost in interest after the release of Pokemon GO. Pornhub (yes, that Pornhub) has shared a report detailing the drastic increase in Pokemon searches on the site (the site is safe for work, but there is a questionable Pikachu image at the top). If you don’t want to click on that link for whatever reason, allow us to break down the finds for you.

Pokemon searches on Pornhub are up 136%, that means interest in the adorable little monsters on this decidedly adult site has more than doubled since July 6, when Pokemon GO first released.

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Things get a bit more interesting as the site dives into exactly who is searching for Pokemon amidst all the excitement circling the new game. According to Google Analytics Men are 62% more likely to search for Pokemon then women, and this seems to be more likely if they happen to be Android users, as they are 51% more likely to search the term when compared to iOS users. As far as the age group goes, it’s 18-24 year olds (the youngest range for the adult site) who are most likely to search for Pokemon. In fact, they are 336% more likely to do so than every other age group.

The report goes on to share that fans of Adventure & Strategy, RPGs, and Action games are much more likely to search for Pokemon on Pornhub than any other video game genre fan. And, in case your wondering where all these searches are coming from, it seems that Central and South America have the most randy fans seeking to become the very best (like no one ever was, of course).

Pokemon GO truly is a cultural phenomenon that is helping people make new friends and get exercise, while also reaching the darker corners of the internet. It will be interesting to see how much further the game can reach as Pokemon GO continues to roll out across new territories.

For now, Pornhub isn’t batting an eyelash. After all, it’s no stranger to the odd video game search every now and then.

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