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Overwatch Competitive Mode Will Soon Allow Only One Hero for Each Team


Overwatch Competitive Mode Will Soon Allow Only One Hero for Each Team

So much for the Tracer Squad.

It looks like more changes are planned for Overwatch’s controversial competitive mode. According to an interview with Gamespot, Blizzard will soon be changing the game’s competitive mode to only allow one of each hero per team. This means that the days of two Torbjorns and an entire team of D.VA’s will soon be over, at least on the competitive side.

This will be one of the first steps in improving Overwatch’s highly contentious competitive play. Since its release, the mode has seen heaps of criticism from players. Some players are arguing that the punishment for leaving a game is far too harsh, others say the tie-breaker at the end of matches are too random, and others say the grind to improve your rank is too steep. It’s clear that Blizzard has been listening, as they also plan on getting rid of tie-breakers all together, and will instead allow for tie games.

Today, Blizzard also officially unveiled Overwatch’s next hero character, Ana, who is the mother of the rocket-toting Pharah. Ana will be both a sniper and a support character who will be able to shoot allies to heal them, as well as shoot enemies for big damage. They even showed a bit of gameplay for her, which you can check out in the full story.

Will you be playing more competitive mode once this change takes effect?



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